JBL LSR4300 Studio Monitor Pair (B-Stock)

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The LSR4300 Series includes three models: The LSR4326P bi-amplified system with 6″ woofer and 1″ dome tweeter; the LSR4328P bi-amplified system with 8″ woofer and 1″ domed tweeter, and the LSR4312SP, 450watt, powered 12″ subwoofer. Designed for any application from simple stereo mixing to complex surround production, LSR4300 Series systems can be configured with up to eight main speakers in any desired mix of 6″ and 8″ models and two subwoofers. Since the small studio may lack the space to position surround channels at the optimal physical distance from the mix position, the system is automatically aligned so the sound arriving at the mix position from all speakers is balanced regardless of each speaker’s actual physical placement.

A system configured with the LSR4312SP subwoofer provides professional bass management of the main channels, plus LFE (low frequency effects) input, adjustable crossover points, and powerful features for surround sound production.

Control of System Level, Individual Speaker SOLO, Input Source Selection, high and low frequency EQ settings, and adjustment of all parameters can be made from each speaker’s front panel, with the system’s infrared remote control, or with LSR4300 Control Center Software. For unprecedented performance and convenience the LSR4300 Series incorporates the new Harman HiQnet™ protocol that enables a coordinated calibration of all speakers, intelligent configuration of surround sound systems, and synchronized control of all speakers in the system.

Reinforced mounting points on each speaker allow convenient positioning and installation of multi-channel surround systems for
any mixing application, in any environment.

Recording and mixing for long hours requires a superb sounding monitor with wide dynamic range, low distortion, and crystal clear response. The LSR4300 delivers. Starting with application built transducers engineered for extremely accurate response and superb
power handling, the 4300’s stunning sound makes long mix sessions a pleasure. For longterm reliability, the LSR4300 Series withstood the JBL loudspeaker torture test in which the system is driven to extraordinary levels for over 100 hours. Meeting higher standards than any other loudspeaker manufacturer, JBL’s demanding test ensures that the LSR4300’s will give you accurate mixes year after year.

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